Modern People in Lifestyle

Today a lot of people sit through out whole days in offices in front of their PCs and Forget how important it is do regular physical exercises. In fact they have to be involved in everyone daily routines Apart from doing exercises it is important to mind what you eat during your day.
The Modern lifestyle of coach potatoes or fanatic office workers, which many people choose ,will certainly bring about a lot of negative results. Despite the fact that everyone is aware of the bad consequences their lifestyle can bring they do not stop leading them and eating junk foot 

Man's Lifestyle     

Man in search of happiness but has no piece of mind. Even if he succeed in achieving his objectives, he remains dissatisfy. His search for peace and happiness ,therefore never ends God gave us the sense for using them properly,but we misuse them by indulging in sensual pleasures. He takes good care of his body for the sake. of his domestic, social and political well-being intellectually, they have made strident advance. They have successfully explored the earth, oceans and space has made atomic bombs. They remains undefined as ever such as some man's are born into money ; Such come across good fortune yet most hard world from the start to get some where in the world.

Woman's Lifestyle 
The was a time when woman's were just the kitchen keepers and the house keepers in the Indian society. That was treated as the only field for their activity.
gradually woman's began to be educated even highly educated ,and a stage came when same of them come out on the social and political field to rub shoulder with men's folk in these are notable names of Women's.
Who took an active part in the different movements. As of today woman's are found to be working in all fields and  they are distinguish them elves in those fields. But this has its own problems. They have to be mothers , and as mothers, they them up. This becomes for them a major problems.


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