Rings have importance our life.

Rings can be symbolic
Social or Simply aesthetic in function and are always a reflection of their time Different types of rings their meanings Wedding Band, Diamond Engagement, Promise, Eternity, Mother's signet, Mood, claddagh Rings, and more. 

Wedding Band Rings On left hand ring Finger

Roman tradition started the the wedding  ring is worn on the left hand ring finger because there was thought to be a vein in the finger inferred to as the Vein of love. 

Diamond Engagement Rings

Given to a women by a men when they agree to be married engagement (usually a Diamond) set in a band. it tees the  world that she is committed to her partner.

Promise Rings

These rings are used to honor a pledge. A promise ring reflects a commitment b/w two people.
It is the often the first official taken of a point.Commitment which is not related to love.

Eternity Rings- 

It is typically gold with a continuous metal. It is give by a husband to his wife on an a wedding anniversary.

Sterling Silver True Waits Purity Ring-

Worn to represent a pledge to sexual abstinence unit marriage and made from sterling silver

Mother's Ring- 
These started off as two wedding band that were joined together by the birthstones of the son of the couple. It is usually comprised of a birthstone for each of her children.

Signet Ring- 
A gentlemen ring with family crest have been around sinus the old test lament where it was used as a personal signature.

Mood Rings- 
It contain a there mo chromatic element like a liquid crystal or ink that changes color based on the temp of the finger of the person wearing it.


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