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A Denim jackets is a fantastic option to have your disposal for its versatility especially at this time of the year you don't have to take his world for it a though you should he's a very cool guy even he wraps up warm.

Here are different way's to pardner a jean jacket denim jacket
With Chinos you are effectively wearing jeans on your top half and you know that double denim is form aliasing  features such as pleats creases and a to closure but they can also be casual.

white T-shirt - its success largely hinges on finding the perfect white tee which can be Goldilocks-ion quest : not too slim not too baggy, not too translucent, not too much like Acropolis and not so low that it is a clavicle- exposing deeps.

 Jeans - A shade more difficult that black jeans but still not that hard was had indigo denim will stand much less of a chance of optical bleeding in to a lighter for lesson that should hpefully be apparent from reading this sentence.

 Jogger - A denim jacket doesn't exactly fall under the cat e-gory of sports wear unless you're a rodeo rider. but it provides a degree of structure to offset the softness of your joggers.

Hoodie - This womb is a fall back for any menswear blogger attempting to look veg ugly urban don't let that put you off. A hoodie is a natural palling pastern for a denim jacket because they are both low- key chuck - on  weekend staples.  


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