The Origin Of Maxi And Mini Skirt

Whats up people?

Did you ever try to explain to your dad What length your skirt has ? It seems to be impossible for some people to know the different between mini ,maxi and midi. Because mini does not means the skirt was sewed to small like for little children in maxi does not mean that it is for over seized people. It is just to define that different length of a skirt.

Let's start with the mini 

 It is a very short skirt whose them ends pretty much over the knees it has its historical origin as the lion clothes to cover the primary sexual characteristics . But next to its sexual provocation or the lack of respect as some people thought of it is a new point of view for self understanding and self confidence . At it is peak the length was the highest possible where were you could see the under wear the so is called micro skirt .  This was the start for the undergarment to get visual field of fashion.

Today's latest Fashion Industry

The fashion industry came up with the maxi length as a contrast to these really short skirt but the maxi length is also to get an even bigger freedom of leg movement these skirt length was especially popular during the Hippie time . It all should look bohemian and be comfy but still practical the length is normally just to the ankle but it can also go down to the floor.

In The Last Maxi Skirt

When did maxi skirt come in to the fashion. Skirt started getting shorter in the twenties and hemlines danced between ankle and knee until the late sixties . It was not until the late sixties that hemlines hit the floor again. The eighties focused on power dressing, using trouser suits , and shoulder pads , and maxi skirt did not make a noticeable appearance again until autumn 1996 in the shape of maxi skirt and coats.

Why are mini skirt attractive?

The reason is simple , and actually well tits , ass, legs will get a guys attention anyway but attraction is only the first phase . It is only the beginning and many girls always rose the guy when all they think about is just getting his attention. 


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