What Your Clothes Says About Your Personality

what you choose to wear each day is not necessarily arbitrary your cloths say a lot about your personality and it's pretty fascinating. Here are five different fashion style decoded along with some into what your choice of clothing says about you.


Do you stay in your gym cloths long after the gym. love the way soft, spandex leggings hug your leg prefer tennis offer  pump on the go they choise looks that can make them from shopping to their kid's soccer practice if you like sporty cloth chances are you are a big proponent of physical activity 


Also describe as  girly the feminine fashion style is full of like lavender and pink. this gal is a hopeless romantic who loves coddling up to good romantic comedy or romance novel. she like to dress like a lady and be treated like one. if you'er a girl who lover dresses skirts pretty heels and over  all lovely fashion your probably identify with the feminine clothing style.

Clean and Simple 

This girl next door is classic and has no frills approach to both her clothing and her life. you'er see her around the hours and on the town in a simple fitted T-shirt and killer jeans. instead of bright color she prefer neutral like white, black, gray, and being her simple modern style does not mean that she's   dowdy-she can be the life of the party and is that girl people tend tend because she's low on drama you'er often find her  is graphic tee, shorts, and pair of chuck Taylor

Make a Statement

This fashion style like to standout if you like bright color and bold and bold print are not of raid to wear them can identify then you are the make a style you learn to ward clothing. those visitants blue and bold print refer at the inner confidence this lady has you are bold confidence and don't mind being the center of attraction in fact you prefer its personalty. 



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