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A quality sweater that properly fits is one of the most flattering garments a man can wear. It adds weight to skinny physique and streamlines a large figures. Functionally it keeps you warm while style wise it can break up the monotonous wearing of dress shirts and slacks to the office. yet most men know little about sweater and even fewer take full advantage of all the styles and patterns. This article will gave you a strong understanding of sweater fabrics , fit, and style , the goal being not to change you , but rather expose you to option you might to have considered so you can dress in a manner that best reflect your individuality.

Types of Sweater

V-neck sweater

V-neck sweater are one of those thing that you know about you have seen around , but you might not yet view as a stable piece you should have. Too often they are associated brings them down in your estimations. We all go some of the best way and versatility of this simple pieces. So, weather you are looking for a new office outfit , or a just way to make your everyday look little warmer a v neck jumper is there you help you out.  

Crew Neck Sweater 

A crew neck sweater has a round necklines. not only sweaters , but also t shirts with a round necklines are called crew neck sweater. A sweater with V-neck or a collar is the opposite of a crew neck. As you will notice , all sweaters have a round necklines but they all are a different. the one is more cut out and the detail of sewing can be different. crew neck sweater can have different styles. 

Cardigan Sweater

 A cardigan sweater is a great fashion item to own due to its versatile of looks. Whether you are going for an elegant and formal outfit, a cool and casual style or even something office- appropriate , a cardigan can make an excellent option. All you need to know is how to rock one the right way so that you do not end up looking like a grands. From when to done one to what to pair it with, here is exactly how to wear a cardigan in style.

Button Mock Neck Sweater

These are around here but we also acknowledge that they are not for everyone. A mock neck is a pretty serious and sophisticated move and if you are style is the opposite of all that the whole thing can feel a little wrong. Luckily, mock neck are here to give you something interesting to wear on winter coldest days without fully turning you in to the guy in a cognac commercial. 

Turtle Neck Sweater

Turtle neck sweater is known as the polo neck , mock neck , skivvy , and so worth. learn all about its history , how they should fit , how can you style them , and what to pay attention to when you buy them . Turtle neck with a high neck collared that is turned around down and covers some part or most parts of your neck. A traditional polo neck is always folded over and it is very slim fitting in the body. It is also cover it the neck yet it is not fold over. 


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