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Winter Layering Fashion

Secrets Of Winter layering Fashion Layering Firstly I can tell you what is layering.  Winter layering keep you warm primarily by trapping you warm air next to your body (insulation) but when being active in winter and spending multiple days in the same cloth , insulation is next to enough. It has to stay dry , not just to find the outside in , but from the  inside out. The key is to wear layer made of synthetic , quick drying material that help evaporate your sweat. That way , your clothes are not wet  enough to transfer a significant amount of  heat away from your body.  Types Of Layering Base Layer  Base layer are a vital part of any leaving system and perhaps the most commonly overlooked . Modern base layer not only trap air against the skin to provide insulation but also provide touch points to wick away sweat that could otherwise make the wearer dump and comfortable. Monochrome layer   In fashion terms monochrome layer dressing means wearing